Packaging post

Packaging post

It is an intelligent, fully automating the packaging process, a packaging station that uses the latest technology, incl. cobot, pick by light and pick to light racks, transport belts, scales and package sizing devices.

Our offer includes three variants of the intelligent packing station:

Option I

Packaging post operated manually by an operator equipped with AR glasses (augmented reality). AR glasses are designed to relieve the hands of the employee who uses them to pack the goods. AR glasses integrated with the Expert Bin-Packing application show the employee step by step the order of packing goods, indicate the choice of a carrier and calculate the necessary filling.

Option II

Mixed stand, partially manned, with the use of warehouse automation elements in part of the process. The packing station cooperates with, among others with:
- pick by light on order picking trolleys
- electronic scales
- a dimensioning device
- a set of printers integrated with courier systems
- automatic measuring the necessary fillers

Option III

A post with an accompanying robot, the so-called Cobot. The robot allows you to reduce the amount of manual work that must be performed by the operator to optimally pack the goods. Cobot handles the goods to be packed in the order set by the algorithm, at the same time the operator receives a visualization of how the goods are arranged in the shipping unit. The system has all the amenities of the variant 2 packing station.


Increasing the efficiency of packaging processes
Full automation of packaging and picking processes
Increasing work ergonomics
Elimination of errors resulting from improper packaging
Limitation of financial losses resulting from incorrect picking
Reduction of logistics costs – reduction of the number of packaging
Dynamic modification of the packaging process
Improving work safety
Quick implementation of new employees in the packaging and picking process
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