Expert Bin-Packing


It is an intelligent web application that is used for the optimal packaging of goods on any selected carrier, standard and of any dimensions – containers, cartons, pallets. It allows for the maximum use of the total space and the arrangement of goods according to strictly defined algorithms, that consider dimensions of the goods, quantity, weight, and cost of transporting the carrier. The parameters of the goods are also taken into account, allowing for them to be placed on the carrier at the appropriate level – vertically or horizontally.

Operating is quite easy! In the application, you enter the dimensions of goods or import them from a file, and the dimensions of the carriers on which you want to pack the goods. The number of types of shipping carriers and cargo is unlimited. After uploading all the information, a simulation of a properly packed carrier is created and, as a result, time and costs related to incorrect use of space is saved.

Expert Bin-Packing will solve the problem of a large loss of time on planning the packaging of each carrier. Thanks to the app, you do not pay for filling parcel spaces with air only! We use the space to the maximum, and we use carriers appropriately suited for the packed goods. The application will help pack the goods on the carrier in the correct order and position, and will calculate the necessary filling to protect the goods against mechanical damage during transport.


Reducing packaging time

they will arrange your goods on any carrier, based on the principle of a full filling of the carrier and using the maximum volume, while not exceeding its maximum load capacity and dimensions.

Reducing the cost of shipping media

choose a carrier for a given order, based on the principle of using a smaller number of carriers, for example if the order can be packed on two pallets or in several dozen boxes, it will always be optimal to use a smaller number of carriers – two pallets in this case.


If you are exporting goods outside the EU If you want to have your imported goods optimally packed If you use intermodal transport If you want to pack your goods optimally at the packing station


Full online service – web application Selection of the appropriate carrier, the cheapest in transport Intuitive and easy-to-use interface Selection and enumeration of the necessary fillers Optimization of packaging of any selected carriers Planning of the carrier's occupancy and correct arrangement of goods Dynamic simulation of optimally packed media Maximum use of media space Ability to generate reports Possibility to enter and edit dimensions of goods, carriers or import them from a file


Space-saving transport = minimization of costs
Shorter packing time = greater worker productivity
Cost-optimized packaging = more for less
Effective building of heterogeneous pallets, cartons, containers
Elimination of errors resulting from inadequate packaging = reduction of financial losses
Reduction of the number of packs = reduction of logistics costs
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