How does it work?

Operating is quite easy! In the application, you enter the dimensions of goods or import them from a file, and the dimensions of the carriers on which you want to pack the goods. The number of types of shipping carriers and cargo is unlimited. After uploading all the information, a simulation of a properly packed carrier is created and, as a result, time and costs related to incorrect use of space is saved.



Intelligent algorithms for packing transport carriers

Appropriate arrangement of goods according to strictly defined algorithms, that consider size, quantity, weight, fragility and the cost of the carrier’s transport. Taking into account the parameters of goods that allow the goods to be placed at the appropriate level – vertically or horizontally.

Optimal use of the space of the transport medium

Maximum use of the total space and arrangement of the cargo, using its maximum volume, without exceeding the maximum load capacity and dimensions.

Maximum filling of the transport carrier

Maximum filling of the package or other carrier by calculating and adjusting the necessary filling in order to protect the goods against mechanical damage during transport.

Intelligent packaging station tailored to your needs

Fully automated packaging process that uses cobot, pick by light and pick to light racks, conveyor belts, scales and package dimensioning devices.

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Expert Bin-Packaging standard

  • 1 user
  • Data input: manual or via xls file
  • 300 simulations available
  • Available carriers: cardboard and pallet
  • Definition of carriers: dimensions, weight

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Expert Bin-Packaging enterprise

  • All features of Standard Edition
  • 10 users
  • 1500 calculations/month
  • additional calculation of 1.2 eurocent
  • Cost of the simulation
  • Packing containers and trucks
  • API for ERP, WMS and TMS systems

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Expert Pack packaging post

  • Modular packing station
  • Bin-Packing algorithms for cartons
  • AR technology
  • Measuring automation
  • Pick to light trucks
  • Cooperating cobot

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